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News from the ACO Group

17 05-2019

New logistics hall for ACO Czech Republic

May 2019 - ACO in Přibyslav (Czech Republic) has got a new logistics centre. The approx. 600 employees as well as the Ahlmann family, the ACO Steering…

11 12-2018

Video: ACO − water, architecture and parkour

November 2018 - Just like us, water always finds a way, and accompanies us wherever we go. So what could be more fitting than bringing together ACO, water and…

11 12-2018

A venue for Denmark's pig industry

October 2018 - Under the umbrella of ACO Funki in Herning, Denmark, the Danish Pig Academy has been in existence for over a year now: 22 companies that want to…

11 12-2018

The smart toilet of ACO Marine

September 2018 - The AVT 100 smart toilet is a real innovation in the market. It makes it possible − for cruise liners in particular − to control all toilets…

11 12-2018

Non-slip design grates for Adelaide and Sydney

August 2018 - In two Australian large-scale projects, ACO cast-iron freestyle accents have set new standards in drainage: The redesign of Adelaide's "The Market…

10 12-2018

The German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel signed the ACO Golden Book

On the occasion of the North Business Conference 2009 the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel delivered a speech and signed the ACO Golden Book. Furthermore she…