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News from the ACO Group

22 07-2021

Finally, NordArt again!

June 2021 - After a year's "forced break" due to Corona, art lovers can visit the NordArt in Büdelsdorf again this year. A comprehensive hygiene concept and the…

27 01-2021

Digital tours across the NordArt

January 2021 - Due to the Corona pandemic, NordArt 2020, which normally takes place annually on the ACO grounds, had to be postponed. To shorten the waiting…

23 06-2020

Postponed NordArt 2020: Greeting from the president of the state…

June 2020 - It is already a tradition that the president of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament, Klaus Schlie, speaks a greeting word at the opening of…

27 05-2019

NordArt 2019

June 2019 - For the 21st time, NordArt - one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe - presents images and sculptures, photographs and…

11 12-2018

Award-winning: our trainees are the best!

November 2018 - Denik Dreesen won the award for best trainee in his discipline in Schleswig-Holstein, and Kai-Uwe Caspary came top in his year in the…

11 12-2018

SHMF at NordArt: The Big Bernstein

August 2018 - In the historic halls of the Carlshütte two "anniversaries" met this year: NordArt celebrated its 20th season and the Schleswig-Holstein Musik…

11 12-2018

NordArt apes decorate the Landtag in Kiel

July 2018 - Ten ape sculptures of Chinese artist Liu Ruowang have been uncovered in front of the Landtag in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein. The should "take a stand…

11 12-2018

Water protection for us is a personal priority

March 2018 − Spring is herring fishing time: numerous anglers have been fishing on the banks of the Obereider port since March to catch the popular delicacy…