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News from the ACO Group

24 02-2020

Book about world market and technology leaders

February 2020 – "Top performance from the real north", is the subtitle of the book jointly published for the first time by the chambers of industry and commerce…

17 01-2020

Mega architecture on water

Februrary 2020 - ACO Marine has equipped one of the latest mega yachts on the world's oceans. What makes the architectural masterpiece so special is the glass…

06 03-2020

Signing ceremony of the "Contrats de Transition écologique"

January 2020 – ACO France has been the host of the national meaningful signing of „Contrats de Transition écologique (CTE)“, the contract for the ecological…

21 02-2020

Disaster control in the Rendsburg Kiel canal tunnel

October 2019 - Up to 50,000 vehicles a day drive through the Rendsburg Kiel Canal tunnel. What happens if an accident takes place?If a road tanker loses its…

16 09-2019

Architects and Planners Day 2019

September 2019 - All over the world, more and more people are moving to cities, therefore living space is running short. This development arises huge challenges…

01 07-2019

Two "Stein im Brett" awards for ACO Tiefbau

June 2019 - Once again, ACO Tiefbau has received two ibau „Stein im Brett“ awards. In the categories "Civil engineering" as well as "Surface drainage outdoors",…

27 05-2019

NordArt 2019

June 2019 - For the 21st time, NordArt - one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe - presents images and sculptures, photographs and…

17 05-2019

New logistics hall for ACO Czech Republic

May 2019 - ACO in Přibyslav (Czech Republic) has got a new logistics centre. The approx. 600 employees as well as the Ahlmann family, the ACO Steering…

27 02-2019

ACO is one of the top employers 2019

February 2019 - German news magazine Focus has entitled ACO to be one of the best employers in 2019. Within the construction industry, ACO has been voted number…