ACO Group

ACO Marine

ACO Marine is the world-wide contact within the ACO Group for advanced drainage systems and innovative wastewater treatment systems specially designed for shipbuilding. Mega yachts, cruise liners, ferries, navy ships, offshore platforms, and all types of cargo ships are equipped by ACO Marine with systems for drainage and wastewater treatment.

The systems include the Maripur® and Clarimar®  wastewater treatment plants, as well as stainless steel tanks with volumes of up to 350 m³  for bio reactors, fresh water tanks made of stainless steel, a spectrum of grease separator technologies, as well as push-fit pipe systems.

ACO’s innovative technologies help keep seas and oceans cleaner.

  • ACO Marine can cover the whole system chain on board ships from grey water to black water.

  • The AVT 100 smart toilet developed by ACO Marine enables the networking of all the toilets on the cruise ships. From left to right: Jiři Loniček, Lukas Kaisler und Jiři Haberle