ACO Group

New logistics hall for ACO Czech Republic

At the ACO location in Přibyslav (Czech Republic) there was a grand opening ceremony on 13th May 2019: The new logistics hall had been inaugurated. Covering an area of 4,000 sqm and 12m height, the warehouse can accommodate up to 8,000 euro pallets.

The approx. 600 employees of the location, as well as the Ahlmann family, the ACO Steering Committee, guests from politics, business and the church, journalists, as well as Czech artists such as Michal Gabriel and David Černy celebrated the opening. Known by the NordArt, Černy, who has already had numerous of his sculptures made by ACO in Přibyslav, is delighted from an artistic point of view: even more space for new projects!

  • Inaugurated the new logistics hall (from left): Markéta Drdlová, Pavel Čížek, Hans-Julius Ahlmann, Jan Císek, Iver Ahlmann, Pavel Stehno, Volker Harbs, Klára Krepčíková

  • Hans-Julius Ahlmann, Jan Císek, and artist David Černy during the opening speech

  • Guided tour through the new warehouse which has a height of 12 metres

  • Sculpture by artist David Černy in front of the new logistics centre