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News from the ACO Group

ACO Smart Stormbrixx Baumallee PPT Ohne Beschriftung
23 11-2022

Trees in intensive care - ACO research project develops smart…

November 2022 - Trees in the city have to cope with difficult living conditions and suffer from damage due to climate change. At the same time, they are…

MicrosoftTeams-image  2
07 10-2022

Aquafix becomes part of the ACO Group

October 2022 - The largest separator manufacturer in the Netherlands - Aquafix Milieu - is joining the ACO Group. The company was founded 27 years ago by Michel… Vorschaubild News
20 09-2022

ACO Austria presents new building services at Frauenthal EXPO 2022 in…

September 2022 - At the largest sanitary trade fair in Austria, ACO Austria's building services division presented its new innovations. In addition to hygienic…

GaLaBau 2022 Innovationspreis
20 09-2022

Award for ACO with the GaLaBau Innovation Medal

September 2022 - At the expert forum of the leading international trade fair GaLaBau in Nuremberg, the drainage system ACO Drain®Box was awarded the Innovation… Vorschaubild News
17 08-2022

Alexander Airich becomes Managing Director of ACO Tiefbau

August 2022 - Alexander Airich will take over as Managing Director of the German ACO Tiefbau Vertrieb GmbH on 1 September, succeeding Francesco Vitale.…

GaLaBau 2022
09 08-2022

Sustainable. Diverse. Innovative. - ACO at GaLaBau 2022

August 2022 - Whether urban spaces, private gardens, parks and green spaces or even sports facilities - the future lies in efficient rainwater management that…

Hüttenpost Verleihung Verdienstkreuz Udo Passavant  NEWS Teaser Newsseite
18 05-2021

100th birthday of Udo Passavant

March 2021- We very warmly congratulate an important personality in ACO's history on his anniversary. The former head of Passavant-Werke, the cornerstone of…

News Voronoi Red Dot Award 2020
11 06-2020

Awarded: The Voronoi design grating

April 2021 - Our grating Voronoi was awarded for the third time in 2021 for its extraordinary design. The pattern is based on natural structures, which also…

27 01-2021

Digital tours across the NordArt

January 2021 - Due to the Corona pandemic, NordArt 2020, which normally takes place annually on the ACO grounds, had to be postponed. To shorten the waiting…