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Drainage for the future of the food industry

ACO is one of the world market leaders in drainage technology with a strong commitment to addressing future needs and to raising industry standards. In the food sector, ACO addresses the changes in food consumption preferences and the increasing importance placed on hygiene and hygienic design. ACO tackles two of the food industry’s biggest concerns: reducing the risk of food contamination and optimizing cleaning costs by focusing on hygienic performance of its products.

Drainage systems are a particularly important niche for the persistence of listeria and can be a source of food contamination. Therefore drainage systems have an important role to play when the food sector is looking to prevent cross contamination and optimize hygiene.

As the future of drainage company we are committed to drive improvements in industry best practice and the quality of hygienic drainage used within the food sector. We believe that the future of the food sector drainage lies in the availability of solutions which optimize cost efficiency without compromising food safety.

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