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ACO. we care for water

ACO is one of the world's leading water technology companies, particularly for rainwater and wastewater management. Our mission is “ACO. we care for water.” Care in this sense means to be protective and attentive and is deeply anchored in the ACO WaterCycle. This cycle describes the collection, transportation, purification, storage and finally the reuse of this vital resource. Using innovative separation and filter technologies, ACO prevents the contamination of water from fats, fuels, heavy metals and microplastics. In all our products and systems, durability, reusability and a low carbon footprint are of great importance. Responsibility for people, the environment and the world of tomorrow is in ACO’s DNA. For generations this belief has shaped the values at our locally rooted but globally active family corporation. Founded in Schleswig-Holstein in 1946, ACO is represented in over 50 countries around the world and is known for proximity to regional markets and business partnerships.

The ACO Group – a strong brand around the globe