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Iver Ahlmann

Iver Ahlmann grew up in Schleswig-Holstein until the age of 16, before living ten years in England where he went to high schools and studied aerospace engineering in Cambridge. He then went to Stuttgart as part of an MBA course financed by Airbus, and also studied in Paris at the Collège des Ingénieurs (CDI). He then began his professional career at Rolls Royce (aircraft engines) in Nottingham and Newcastle. Iver Ahlmann joined the family-run company in 2010 and has been a Managing Partner since 2012.

In his spare time, he loves everything which combines outdoors and technology: activities such as skiing, mountaineering, racing bikes and mountain biking, photography, and especially regatta sailing. Iver Ahlmann is one of the world's best sailors in the non-Olympic Musto Performance Skiff sailing class, where his achievements include second place in the European championships and winning the regatta at the Kieler Woche.