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Reconnection of urban spaces
Review of the Architects and Planners Day 2019

All over the world, more and more people are moving to cities, therefore living space is running short. This development arises huge challenges regarding infrastructure, quality of living, and sustainability. These aspects were themasized at ACO Architects and Planners Day 2019 on 12th September under the motto "Reconnection of urban spaces". Renowned architects and interested people were invited by ACO to come to Büdelsdorf for discussion, information, and inspiration. Around 280 guests participated in the event.

Martin Josst from Delugan Meissl Associated Architects was the one to break the first ground. He talked about projects like Porsche museum in Stuttgart, which is a good example of how big cities can be enriched in an architectural and cultural way. Moreover, the architect presented projects for revitalising water paths as an important part of restructing cities. Beatrice Gianni presented exciting projects by Studio Fuksas and explained how important it is to consider the human being when it comes to planning a project. Claus Thieman from Robertneun talked about concentration and creating free spaces in urban areas. He explained to his audience that it is crucial to include the surrounding area in a construction project. Ángela García de Paredes from Paredes Pedrosa Architectos examined the topic "continuity“. During the implementation of her projects, the integration of the existent plays a central role. She exemplified this with the construction of a library in the spanish city of Ceuta in Morocco the centrepiece is an archaelogical site from the 14th century. Another presentation was held by Kasper Heiberg Frandsen from schmidt hammer lassen architects who are responsible for the realisation of the biggest public library in Scandinavia.

Another part of the Architects and Planners Day was the popular series „Best practice dialogue – draft and detail“: Six reference projects were presented by the respective architects. In several small groups, the visitors had the chance to listen to a short, informative speech about each project, for example about the extension building of Experimenta in Heilbronn by Sauerbruch Hutton or the building complex Fuhle 101 by Bieling Architekten.

At the end of the day, there was an exclusive tour though the international art exhibiton NordArt, where the guests could discover unique pictures, photgraphies, sculptures, and installations from artists all over the world.