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NordArt Digital – Guided Tours
Experience the popular guided tours of NordArt online now

In 2020, NordArt, one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art that normally takes place every year on the grounds of the former Carlshütte iron foundry in Büdelsdorf, has been postponed due to the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, visitors and those interested do not have to completely miss out on the art exhibition. In the new series "NordArt Digital - Guided Tour" directed by filmmaker Conrad Pfüller, the exhibition presenters will introduce some artworks and artists retrospectively as "digital tours". This brings the NordArt to your home and shortens the waiting time until summer 2021.

You can find the films - among other great clips - on the NordArt YouTube channel or directly here:

Digital Tour #1

Exhibition host Hanna presents selected works by Czech artist Michal Gabriel.

Digital Tour #4

NordArt exhibition host Anette presents works by sculptor Jo Kley.

Digital Tour #7

Exhibition host Manon takes the audience on a journey through time and presents selected works by NordArt institution Jörg Plickat.

More videos to come soon...

Digital Tour #2

Some works by Chinese artist Liu Ruowang will be presented by our NordArt guide Almut.

Digital Tour #5

Hanna presents selected works by XU Songbo, Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter, Elsa and Johanna, Katerina Belkina, Nina Murashkina, and Daniel Harms.

Digital Tour #8

NordArt guide Anette goes on a picture tour and presents selected works by Gong-Goo, Dmitrij Schurbin, Hamed Norouzi, Barana Saadat, Ranka Radovanović and Ekaterina Zacharova.

Digital Tour #3

Selected works by Slovakian artist Viktor Frešo, presented by NordArt guide Manon.

Digital Tour #6

NordArt guide Almut tells you the story of the huge, fantastic phoenixes by Xu Bing, which were exhibited at NordArt in 2017 and 2018.

Digital Tour #9

NordArt exhibition host Hanna takes the audience on a journey through the fantastic world of artist David Černý.