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World market and technology leaders
Made in Schleswig-Holstein

"Hidden Champions are much more suitable models and learning examples than start-ups of the century such as Microsoft and Google, because they are essentially "normal" businesses, which by the application of specific strategies, have succeeded in establishing leading positions in their markets. These strategies contain valuable lessons for small, as well as large companies."

Economist and author Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon

Portrait of the world market and technology leaders – that is the title of the book published jointly for the first time by the three chambers of industry and commerce in Schleswig-Holstein. Numerous companies were analysed on the basis of a twin-stage scientific survey to determine their market leadership. The results are presented in a high-quality brochure featuring 33 leading companies from Germany's high north. They are all "hidden champions", a term coined by the economist Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon, and which has now become a buzzword across the business world.

Schleswig-Holstein's Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Bernd Buchholz, says in his foreword to the book: "These mostly highly-specialised, typically small and medium-sized enterprises, including many family-run businesses, play a special role in the economic development of our state." Buchholz goes on further to emphasise: "The low employee fluctuation which is typical of these companies, indicates the high degree of satisfaction with the way the businesses are managed. Thanks to their innovation strength, they [the businesses] lead the way in their markets around the world."

At the end of February, Ulrike Jacobi (Vice President Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kiel), Lutz Kirschberger (Chamber of Industry and Commerce Office Manager RD/NMS) and Dr. Juliane Rumpf (Chamber of Industry and Commerce District President RD/ECK) officially presented the book on world market leaders to our managing partner Iver Ahlmann. Ulrike Jacobi again highlighted the importance of this listing of hidden champions, to highlight in particular the many attractive jobs available in the region.

The book (german) is also available in PDF format, and more information is available here.

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