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Mega architecture on water

"Mega" means in the world of yachts from 60 meters in length upwards. Several hundred such mega-yachts are cruising on the world's oceans, with an upward trend and increasing demands. What has long been a trend in building construction has now shifted to water: glass. The more light flooded, the better. The architectural masterpiece by Winch Design and Abeking & Rasmussen, which was completed in summer 2019, sets completely new standards. As many glass panes have been installed on the "Excellence" as never before for these dimensions (approx. 80 meters long and 12.8 meters wide). The bridge and decks are surrounded from bottom to top by curved mirror glass. It is clear that the “inner life” of such a luxury ship must also meet high standards.

ACO Marine is the only supplier that offers complete system solutions (manufactured in the ACO Group's production sites) and ensures excellence for the treatment of black and gray water, among other things through self-cleaning bio-sludge filtration and ecological UV sterilization without use of chlorine. The protection of the oceans is also ensured by the professional disposal of the treated waste water. Thanks to the white coatings, everything from the grease separator to sewage treatment plants with filter systems to vacuum pumps and gray water lifting systems fits naturally into the yacht design.

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