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Setting design statements

Aesthetics and design have always been part of ACO's DNA, especially with the aim of continually making our range of line drainage designs more attractive to architects and planners. The latest milestone in this project is the market launch of a new slotted frame series. End production is made even more efficient by a new production method for final assembly. The product boasts important unique selling points thanks to the many details which have been incorporated and derived from a great deal of practical experience:

- A drip edge on the base avoids drop losses, e.g. in fountains.

- The connection from slotted frame to slotted frame is slide-proof, at the same time as bearing the ACO logo for clear identification.

- The construction protection covers have an eye-catching red colour and protect the high quality slotted frame and the drainage channel from contamination during the construction phase. It also helps the installation team by providing good orientation for fitting them flush to the surface.

We provide numerous versions in steel and stainless steel: from flush-fitting simple slotted frames, via the "Double" and the "Triple" slotted frames, all the way to the "Strip" version. This provides architects with a large selection for designing discreet and elegant drainage channels.