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The Olympic Channel
ACO operates monument protection

During the Handball World Championship from 10.01. - 27.01.2019 in Germany and Denmark, ACO also plays a major role - when it comes to monument protection at Olympic Park Munich, one of the venues. Renovating a part of the drainage systems in the park also poses an exciting challenge for the world market leader in drainage technology.
When the park was built for the 1972 Olympics, there were no standardized drainage systems as today, the channels had to be concreted on-site. After 46 years of intensive use of the park, these channels have become porous.
However, since the entire Olympic Park is a listed building and thus no new, standardized drainage channels could be used, ACO made a special proposal that met with great approval. The old cast-iron gratings of Passavant (since 2000 part of the ACO Group) still were in a very good condition, due to their massive construction.

In a specially developed process, matching channels were manufactured from the ACO patented polymer concrete, which correspond to the latest technical standards, but at the same time comply with the structural specifications. Gradually, the installation process takes place, as the visitors should continue to have free access to the Olympic Hall. The project will be finished by 2020, "it is both a great challenge and a joy", ACO engineer Michael Sieber says.