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Awarded: The Voronoi design-grating
Inspired by the beauty of nature

Our cast grating Voronoi enchants the design world! For the third time already, the masterpiece was able to convince an international jury of experts. We are very pleased to have received the iF Design Award2021 in the category "Product Design", one of the most important international seals of quality. Since 1954, it has been awarded annually to products that impress with their outstanding design and great significance for business and everyday life.

In 2020, Voronoi Design was awarded the DETAIL Product Award 2020, which highlights innovative building products, systems and materials. The special thing about this award is the evaluation of the submitted products from the perspective and experience of architects, interior designers and planners.

We are also pleased about one of the most sought-after international seals of quality for good design, the Red Dot Award, which has been awarded for over 60 years. Once a year, a jury of experts meets for this purpose and evaluates the products, communication projects, design concepts and prototypes submitted in the competition. In three categories - product design, brand and communication design and design concepts - only the best entries are awarded. Under the motto "In search of good design and innovation", a total of 6,500 submitted products were tested individually - the ACO Voronoi design received the "Red Dot Product Design 2020" award.

In the casting process a compound of iron and carbon forms the Voronoi grating. Its characteristic is its natural structure. The pattern, which is based on a mathematical principle, can be seen, among other things, in the cracks of drying earth or the wings of a dragonfly. No wonder that the Voronoi structure can also be found in many other areas of life, such as architecture or even art.

The creative power of the designer Franck Magné combined with the know-how of ACO has enabled the development of a unique product. An almost poetic reproduction of nature, which gives the Voronoi grating a contemporary elegance. This once again demonstrates the excellent international cooperation within the ACO Group. The design was developed at ACO in France, nominated for the Red Dot Award in Germany and is now beginning to inspire other markets. A personalised signature for every house, a unique identity for every location.

Learn more about the background of this extraordinary design in the following sections.