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ACO Tiefbau is two-time "Stein im Brett" award winner 2019

June 2019 - Once again, ACO Tiefbau received two ibau „Stein im Brett“ awards. In the categories "Civil engineering" as well as "Surface drainage outdoors", ACO Tiefbau has been voted number one by the around 10,000 participating employees of construction companies in the branche.

"Compared to the competitors, ACO Tiefbau is clearly in the lead in the majority of criteria" says Infobau managing director Dirk Siemers.

"We are proud to be a winner of two "Stein im Brett" awards again and want to say thank you to all participants of the voting and, of course, to our own employees. Without their engagement, such a success would not have been possible" says ACO Tiefbau managing director Francesco Vitale.

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