ACO Management

International coordination integrates all ACO companies equally in a traditional network. With mixed-nationality groups of technical experts, we conquer the restrictions of national markets, bundle our efforts, and spread the know-how of individuals across the Group for the benefit of the whole of the company. The openness and permeability of this corporate structure creates room for visions, and opens up opportunities to successfully launch promising solutions at an international scale.




Top row from the left: 

Hans-Julius Ahlmann, 
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter ACO Gruppe 
Jacob Henckel, ACO Nordic 
François Cortet, ACO South Western Europe 
Richard Hill, ACO North Western Europe
Peter Fröhlich, ACO Deutschland

Bottom row from left:
Derek Humphries, ACO PanPacific 
Hans-Peter Meyer, ACO Gruppe
Dr. Dieter Strich, ACO South Europe Arabia 
Gerald Dirnböck, ACO Eastern Europe,
Jens-Uwe Paasch, Chief Financial Officer