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Happy Earth Day from ACO across the world

Since 1970, the world has celebrated Earth Day annually on April 22 - a day that now represents much more than just a reminder of our responsibility towards the planet. This year, Earth Day is themed "Planet vs. Plastics".

Earth Day was born from the vision of US Senator Gaylord Nelson following the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill. He aimed to use the growing environmental awareness to anchor environmental protection politically. This also coincided with the establishment of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the enactment of significant environmental laws.

ACO's Planting Initiative around the globe

With roots in over 50 different countries, ACO celebrates the beauty and wonder of our planet - from the trees above our heads to the grass beneath our feet. Trees play a significant role in water regulation, CO2 absorption, air purification, and soil protection.

Earth Day makes a statement for responsible resource management. For ACO, water is our mission. Through our ACO StormBrixx® system, we help the Earth maintain the clean water it needs for new growth. This is part of our mission to smartly manage water by collecting, cleaning, storing, and reusing it. Thus, we help our Earth thrive and contribute to balancing our most crucial resource.

Our products support this year's Earth Day motto "Planet vs. Plastics" with resource-saving production and recyclable, durable materials.

Join our global ACO team to plant seeds of change across the globe! Celebrate with us as we collectively create a better world.

For more information, visit the official Earth Day website: Earth Day 2024 | Activities & Resources for April 22 - Earth Day

Video of the initiative