Climate tile Copenhagen
Walking on water

ACO is now a partner in the innovative "ClimateTile" development project, whose aim is to drain water away through footpath pavers themselves.

The project specifically concerns an adaptable and expandable plug-and-play drainage system.

The ambition of the ClimateTile project is making climate protection in cities visible by draining rainwater away from pavements and into small green spaces, to create urban oases in the middle of a vibrant city.

The new climate tile is an alternative to conventional drainage systems involving underground drainage because its combination with ACO Stormbrixx enables 30 per cent of the rainwater to be diverted away from the existing urban sewers, and instead to be used for the aforementioned purpose.

The TREDJE NATUR firm of architects, ACO and the concrete manufacturer IBF have jointly developed this new technology and the climate tile. It will now be installed in Heimdalsgade in the centre of Copenhagen for further tests in 2018 and 2019.