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Intelligent technology under asphalt: New logistics area at ACO
State-of-the-art system chain for drainage management directly on the Upper Eider River

With the opening of the new logistics area, ACO takes another step towards modern and intelligent drainage management and creates space for future-oriented company growth.
What at first glance appears to be an ordinary factory space, surprises at second glance with state-of-the-art and intelligent technology: beneath the asphalt surface, as used on highways and other heavily used roads and traffic areas, there is a multi-layered system chain consisting of various modules of the ACO product range in the Surface Water Management sector. This chain includes the Qmax Neo, stormwater treatment systems, a water retention system with ACO Stormbrixx as well as shut-off devices and throttle structures including various digital components.

Thus, the surface water is collected by means of state-of-the-art rainwater management, cleaned and finally discharged in a controlled manner into the receiving water of the Upper Eider River. In addition, ACO is starting weather-based controlled fully automatic irrigation of new tree plantings directly at the site in this project. ReUse, or the reuse of water as an increasingly scarce and precious resource, is an important future topic at ACO.
In cooperation with the client, the project management, all ACO SWM experts from the areas of collect, clean, hold and reuse as well as the Smart Solutions department, a project has been created here that illustrates ACO's capabilities in Surface Water Management (SWM).

"I accompanied the complete construction phase and am thrilled with the interaction between ACO colleagues and the external companies. From the groundbreaking ceremony on September 21, 2021, to the acceptance of the construction work on December 17, only 12 weeks have passed ", Hauke Schukat, Project Manager Industrial Construction at ACO, is pleased.

Managing partners Hans-Julius and Iver Ahlmann opened the new area together with Managing Director Thomas Bendixen and the project managers from ACO Logistics and Industrial Construction. An expansion of the factory premises by a further outdoor storage area of approx. 17,500 square meters is already planned. Helge Ketels, Head of Logistics is enthusiastic about the dimensions of the space, which opens up completely new storage possibilities:
"I am very pleased about this additional storage capacity at the right time, because for Logistics the project means that we are supporting the company's growth course."