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New major order: ACO Passavant Detego supplies floor gates for Stuttgart 21
The specialist and market leader for manhole covers in special formats is producing five large floor gates for the emergency exits in the new underground station Stuttgart 21. The gates are custom-made products from the ACO site in Mülheim-Kärlich.

This order is the largest to date for ACO Passavant Detego. The products also have impressive dimensions: The floor gates are around five by six meters, each one weighing more than ten tons. They will be installed in the new Stuttgart underground station, which is scheduled to open in three years. There, the stainless steel giants will form an important part of the station's security. "In an emergency, such as a fire, they are raised with the help of hydraulics and open escape routes," explains Stefan Löbeth, Managing Director of ACO Passavant Detego. In addition, they can also be opened manually via an emergency buzzer.

High requirements and many trades

"This project presents us with organizational and logistical challenges," Stefan Löbeth describes. "The planning process has already been going on for several years and required extensive preparations and research." The requirements for hydraulics and control of the heavy gates are particularly high. Therefore, the implementation requires a specialist who can supply floor gates in every load class up to heavy-duty trafficability. Another challenge lies in the involvement of various trades, which, for example, build bollards and shelters around the gates. The gates are to be produced and installed one after the other by the end of 2023.

Stuttgart 21 - long-term project with hurdles

For twelve years, construction has been underway in Stuttgart on the new train station and the transformation of the rail infrastructure. The new underground through station is to comprise eight tracks, and the lines to the station will be relocated in the tunnel. The planning phase for the Deutsche Bahn project began some 25 years ago. Due to massive citizen protests, implementation had been delayed and only started after an arbitration process.

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