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Postponed NordArt 2020: Greeting from the president of the state parliament

It is already a tradition that the president of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament, Klaus Schlie, speaks a greeting word at the opening of NordArt every year. So it was especially important to him to address some personal words to the public even in times of pandemic. You can see the video above.

In order to counteract the spread of the corona virus and to live up to its responsibility towards artists, the public and its employees, the Carlshütte artwork decided with a heavy heart not to let this year's NordArt take place.

However, the months of joint preparations and efforts for the 22nd edition of NordArt should not have been in vain. The pictures, photographs, sculptures and installations of already more than 200 selected artists from all over the world will have the chance to shine in 2021 in and around the Carlshütte in the usual quality and unique ambience.

You can follow the latest news about NordArt here.

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