Nature as designer

The unique pattern underlying the Voronoi cast iron grating for ACO drainage systems has its roots in the beauty of nature. The seemingly random arrangement of geometric shapes, behind which an algorithm is hidden, can also be found, for example, in the spots of a giraffe, in the fine veins of a leaf or as a structure in the delicate wings of a dragonfly. Even if you look at the earth on very dry ground, the cracks there form in similar patterns.

These natural attractions inspired the French designer and environmental prize winner Franc Magné to design the Voronoi grating. For him, environmental awareness and innovative behaviour are the main focus. Instead of objects, he creates real experiences.

"As a designer, the ACO project was a challenge for me. It was particularly interesting to dive into this everyday object that is normally associated with technical developments rather than the design aspect. The project addressed the aesthetic as well as the technical and sustainable dimension. An architectural identity was developed that creates a social and ecological connection. ACO gave me the creative freedom to propose and create an impressive and original design". - Franck Magné

Thanks to the organic motif, the grating blends equally well into a mineral and plant-based environment. The rust merges with its surroundings, whether nature or the architecturally high-quality design of buildings and squares.