Voronoi patterns in art

A large part of artistic creation has always been based on natural processes and dynamics. It is not uncommon to find the Voronoi pattern in works of art, as at the NordArt.
The artist Tomáš Medek, for example, born in 1969 in Brno (Czech Republic), studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Technical University of Brno. He finds his inspiration in natural processes and their principles, in biological structures of life and in components of organic structures. Medek multiplies, connects, deforms, shapes objects into organic structures, searches for similarities, connections and tensions. He looks beneath the surface and thus gives deep insights and reveals new perspectives.

Over the past ten years, Tomáš Medek has been intensively engaged in new 3D techniques such as FDM rapid prototyping, 3D digitization and measurement, i.e. 3D printing technology and 3D scanning. These enable him to create the most complex structural objects. Without these techniques this would be almost impossible. His last work of art is made entirely of ABS plastic.
Little by little he created a series of objects, which he called "fruits". Small-format sculptures are mostly cast in bronze, even though their complexity makes the casting process very difficult and requires sensitivity. But this is the only way to create unique, multifaceted and technically perfect works of art.