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Holstenfleet, Kiel, Germany

Kiel's city centre has been given a new, maritime face. The "Holstenfleet" with its spacious areas, seating and water basins invites visitors to linger and relax. Previously, Holstenbrücke was a six-lane main road and characterised by noise. Today, only public bus traffic travels along it, which decisively reduces exhaust fumes in the city centre. Two water basins visually connect the Bootshafen with Kleiner Kiel. The tree species planted there tolerate the city climate very well. Thus the new "Holstenfleet" is quiet, environmentally and climate-friendly. A clever drainage concept was developed for the open spaces in cooperation with engineers from ACO Tiefbau. The aim was to leave the design of the areas largely untouched.

ACO Combipoint road drains with Multitop design gratings were installed in the traffic and vegetation areas. These are fitted into ramp stones and thus provide safe and at the same time discreet drainage. In addition, ACO protective tree grates were used to protect the soil of the newly planted marsh oaks from excessive compaction and at the same time ensure an adequate water supply for the roots.

In the area around the south basin, ACO DRAIN® Multiline Seal in channels with slotted gratings were installed that integrate inconspicuously into the pavement concept. The channel bodies are concealed under the wooden and concrete slab coverings. Only a narrow visible slot ensures efficient absorption of the surface water. Wooden decks run parallel to the north pool and are arranged as walking and sitting surfaces. Below them are ACO DRAIN® Multiline Seal in channels. They drain the area reliably and quickly.

Three islands were integrated into the south basin, which rise out of the water like flat pebbles. One of them has a wooden deck and can be used as a seating and sunbathing area. The other two islands contain a fountain system with water features. Stainless steel slotted channels from Inotec are arranged around the fountains to collect the gushing water and return it to the circulation system. Another fountain system is located at the end of the North Basin, directly at the historic Ahlmann House. The technology for maintaining the fountain systems is hidden in the shafts opposite. For this purpose, special covers with access aids and fillable/pavable surfaces from ACO Passavant Detego were chosen, which integrate perfectly into the area and create an overall aesthetic appearance.

Information at a glance

Object: Holstenfleet Kiel
Execution: 2016-2020
ACO products:

  • approx. 100 m ACO DRAIN® Multiline Sealin V 100 S, with slotted grating
  • approx. 210 m ACO DRAIN® Multiline Seal in V 100 S, with grating
  • 35 pieces ACO Combipoint road drain with 300 x 500 edge rails
  • 2 pieces ACO Wotan protective tree grates
  • special shaft covers from ACO Passavant Detego
  • slot channels V2A from Inotec around the wells